dog picture website - newfoundland dog information

Tags: Different dog breed , cockapoo puppy care , Chocolate lab puppies , dalmation dog breeders

Added: 5 NOVEMBER 2008

Location: Kiribati 

Gear: SAMSUNG Digimax l210


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dogs pictures - Pit bull dog

Tags: i get a free puppy , putnam breed , italian dog names , schnauzer dog information

Added: 27 JULY 2008

Location:  Brunei – Negara Brunei Darussalam

Gear: POLAROID hdw dmp

by Abdullah PELZER

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Yorkie puppies for sale - doberman dog breeders

Tags: shih tzu dog names , Medium breed dog , german shepherd training , puppy dog net

Added: 30 NOVEMBER 2007

Location: Indian Ocean 

Gear: SAMSUNG Digimax s860

by Laurel NOACK

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terrier picture - Foo dogs

Tags: Dog breed comparison , cocker spaniel puppy , puggle dog information , Pictures of all dog breeds

Added: 23 APRIL 2008

Location:  Venezuela – Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


by Truman SHECKLER

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Pictures of puppies - dachshund breeders

Tags: the puppy was a dog , Dog tags , Pictures of all dog breeds , and puppy images

Added: 27 OCTOBER 2008

Location:  Kuwait – State of Kuwait

Gear: Kodak DCS760C                          

by Brett GOTO

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basic dog care - dogs kennels

Tags: pups , Sporting dogs of pointing breed , pictures of newfoundland dog , white dog images

Added: 16 MAY 2008

Location: San Marino 

Gear:  Canon PowerShot A400             


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online dog care - taking care of a dog

Tags: small puppy dogs , Puppies pictures , All dogs go to heaven , dog breeders by state

Added: 27 JANUARY 2007

Location: USA - VT state

Gear:  Canon PowerShot A5               

by Saniyah MILITELLO

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